Christopher Jobson

Questions that are Frequent

Hi! I get a lot of email, and while I wish I could respond to everything, it's nearly impossible. If you have a question, maybe you can find the answer here.

Will you review my artwork, film, illustration, painting, or other project for consideration on Colossal?
Please submit all work for review here.

Can you grant permission for me to use this image/film in my project?
Colossal is an arts publication and does not own the copyright to most images or videos found on our site. I recommend looking the artist up on Colossal for a direct link to the creator's portfolio or social media accounts. Unfortunately, because of the volume of requests we receive I'm unable to make this connection for you.

Will you be on my podcast, speak to my people, or take part in an interview?
The answer is probably yes, please get in touch.

We need help with an exhibition, a lead on an artist, or have an idea for a mutually beneficial collaboration or project.
If this goes beyond "press coverage for an event," please get in touch.

Will you come to our event?
There is a 99% chance I am in Chicago right now, please keep that in mind before getting in touch.

Let's meetup for coffee/lunch, I'd like to pick your brain.
Networking can be fun and I generally do it at events and "out in the wild," so to speak. I love meeting people, talking about new ideas, and exploring common interests, however I prefer these chats to be reciprocal. If you're interested in promoting your event, talking about your new project, or are just looking for advice, I'm most likely unable to meet up at this time.

What tools do you use for X?
All my favorite stuff is on the home page.

I'm coming to Chicago, what should I do?
All my favorite places are on the home page.

Will you sponsor our event?
Unfortunately we are not sponsoring events at this time.